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Facebook, Instagram political ads still subverting US elections

Facebook and Instagram are still having trouble controlling those politicals ads hoping to affect political elections in the United States. They are getting smarter and more aggressive getting their message across.

Donald Trump’s US job and economic growth facts not so accurate

President Donald Trump has been touting some major claims about the U.S. economic growth and new jobs, but his facts just don't add up. Here's what you need to know.

SyFy Wire’s Cher Martinetti on Fangrrls, diversity and toxic masculinity

SyFy Wire Cher Martinetti sits down with our Lynn Zubernis to talk about Fangrrls, Strong Female Characters Podcast, diversity on television, toxic men and avoiding stereotypes

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey defends Alex Jones, Infowars freedom of speech

InfoWars Alex Jones has been getting the media attention he craves with social media platforms pulling his accounts. Now that Twitters Jack Dorsey isn't following suit, he loses some steam claiming all of corporate America is out to get him.

Donald Trump’s auto safety and steel mill opening claims not so...

While Donald Trump is using no studies to base his roll back on fuel efficient cars, studies show that his claims are rather wrong. The president's recent claims of seven U.S. Steel plants opening up in America were also completely false.

Donald Trump continues getting facts wrong on NATO and trade

Donald Trump stunned everyone at the NATO Summit Wednesday morning by taking out some anger at Germany, but once again, he has his facts wrong on both NATO and trade issues. Here are the correct ones.

Supreme Court gives cellphones more privacy plus net neutrality

Supreme Court rules 5-4 that search warrant needed for cellphone location data and Assemblyman Miguel Santiago feels repercussions after gutting net neutrality measure.

Donald Trump NKorea nukes and family separation fact check

Donald Trump's latest claims on the progress of North Korea with their nukes and with immigrants being separated from their families after entering the United States illegally aren't quite what they say. Here's a fact check on this week's claims.

Under pressure, Donald Trump ends immigration family separation

President Donald Trump is feeling the pressure from everyone, including Melania Trump and declared that he will sign an Executive Order to stop children and parents from being separated after crossing into the U.S. illegally, but is it too late?

Donald Trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check

President Donald Trump is standing his ground with the immigration policy feeling it will keep mid-term elections in Republicans favor plus five fact checks on his immigration claims.

When did ‘Star Wars’ fans get so racist?

Sadly, fanboys are showing the dark side of "Star Wars" fandom as they've run another actress off of social media with racist and misogynistic comments and taunts. Kelly Marie Tran is the latest actress to leave Instagram after being verbally attacked by 'fans' not liking her character.

Facebook privacy problem again plus Donald Trump’s Twitter blocks

Facebook is back in legal hot water again over privacy issues and Donald Trump is appealing the decision that forced him to unblock users on Twitter.