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Heroes and Zeros: Michelle Obama vs Bill O’Reilly

This week’s hero is a matchless woman who stole the spotlight during the first night of the DNC, and the zero is Bill O’Reilly.

Hollywood stars beat DNC to climate change

Rather than wait for Democrats to bring up the topic of climate change at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Hollywood stars descended upon the city on the eve of highly anticipated event.

Milo Yiannopoulos keeps race issues alive with Leslie Jones

There is a truth that people don’t like to admit. It’s something that folks turn their heads to and pretend doesn’t exist. What I’m talking about reared it’s ugly head once again this week on Twitter

Ted Cruz works up 2016 Republican Convention

Making sure that everyone knew he marches to the beat of his own drum, Ted Cruz failed to endorse Donald Trump during his address of the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

Republican Convention: Originality not in Melania Trump’s wheelhouse

Melania Trump's Republican Convention speech on Monday was extremely well received, but it quickly became overshadowed when it came out that it contained two passages that match nearly word-for-word

2016 Republican Convention broken down for Donald Trump

The time has finally come where the Republicans officially welcome Donald Trump and his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as their choice for America's next President.

The Endless Gun Debate in the United States

It’s very difficult to see a time coming where guns are not a way of life for a vast number of Americans. Though each time a maniac guns down a group of innocent people in the United States, there’s understandable outrage

Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in key swing states

Democrat Hillary Clinton still has her work cut out for her as Republican Donald Trump has taken the lead in the critical general election swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania

Using ‘black money’ to end anti-black violence

I am in awe. There are no words to describe the climate of America right now. As I watch one disturbingly horrible act after another, I look on in utter dismay.

Dallas Under Fire at Black Lives Matter protest: 5 Officers killed...

Several shooters fired upon Dallas police officers killing five and wounding six during a Black Lives Matter protest in the downtown area, making this the deadliest single attack upon US law enforcement

Hillary Clinton makes history but Bernie Sanders not ready to go...

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made history as she became the first woman in America to be a major party’s presidential nominee, after a string of victories on the final Super Tuesday of the Democratic primary season.

Hillary Clinton’s California Primary hold diminishes to Bernie Sander

Hillary Clinton has always had to fight for things, and Bernie Sanders is making sure that she fights even harder for the 2016 Presidential Democratic nomination.