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Can the Supreme Court avoid a deadlock if election dispute occurs?

With an election like this one, nothing would be a surprise any longer with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One question that seems to be ignored is if the election results turn into a nasty dispute

Tight election still giving Hillary Clinton plenty of hope

Donald Trump may have reigned himself in sticking to his Teleprompter and avoiding his 'out there' riffs, but Hillary Clinton still has plenty of hope in winning the Presidential race.

Julian Assange claims Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks not tied to Russia

Julian Assange loves media attention, and it didn't take long before he did an interview trying to refute claims that his Hillary Clinton emails were from the Russian government.

Hurricane Trump hits Florida hard

Florida is getting hit with yet another strong force with Donald Trump doubling down on the state before Tuesday's Presidential election. The Republican nominee knows that this is one of those 'must' states for him

Donald Trump’s America has tainted the country and election

Whether Donald Trumps wins or loses the 2016 election, a “Trump America” is real and that notion embodies many of my greatest fears.

Could the Bush family be voting for Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are rushing around the country hitting every battleground state they can before Tuesday, and the drama has been heightened.

Donald Trump wisely bought up negative website domains

One thing you can say about Donald Trump; he understands the internet game and how to keep ahead of the haters. Before anyone could get a chance to purchase any website domains that were anti-Trump, the Republican presidential nominee grabbed them all up.

Will Donald Trump drive evangelicals from Republican Party?

When Donald Trump first began his campaign, he didn't mention religion or the Bible, but once he realized that this was something his base wanted, he suddenly was the best Bible reader in the world.

Donald Trump using Obamacare to tighten race

Donald Trump is pushing even harder now doubling down on slamming Obamacare to tighten Hillary Clinton's lead in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Don’t expect FBI to be quick with Hillary Clinton email investigation

We already saw how long it took the FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails already, so this 'surprise' Friday announcement by Director James Comey won't move any faster.

Donald Trump’s tough road ahead even with FBI email issue

Donald Trump was handed a gift-wrapped package by FBI Director James Comey on Friday with his letter to Congress reopening the email investigation involving Hillary Clinton, but it isn't a sure deal for his Presidential win.

Did FBI Director James Comey break the law with Hillary Clinton...

Many people thought it was odd when FBI Director James Comey caused a stir for Hillary Clinton with his letter to Congress, and Minority Leader Harry Reid has stepped up to point this out.
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