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Donald Trump continues his winning ways despite polls

Donald Trump continues his hard work of rallying supporters by claiming that he really is "winning" despite what the national polls reflect.

Donald Trump now decides polls showing Hillary Clinton winning are wrong

Donald Trump had no problem praising the polls when he was winning them, but now that they continue showing Hillary Clinton advancing into a double-digit win over him, he's decided that they are just wrong.

Where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on the major issues

You would think that after the three Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Election debates we would have a clearer understanding of where they both stood on the important issues today.

Donald Trump’s Gettysburg Address will sue women while healing

Only Donald Trump could create an event at a historical place while also forgetting the main purpose of the original event. Trump upped his most recent antics to give his own Gettysburg address

Donald Trump goes Gettysburg for hundred day plan

Donald Trump can obviously hear that clock ticking down to election day so he's pulling out all the stops. At least, he's ramping up his antics to the next level.

Donald Trump hits new low at Hillary Clinton dinner

Donald Trump loves to shock and he didn't fail at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a white-tie gala in New York that is often the last time the two presidential nominees share a stage before Election Day.

Hillary Clinton ready for Donald Trump election day problems

Donald Trump might have changed his tune from the third debate about conceding to Hillary Clinton if she wins, but that doesn't mean anyone actually believes him.

All of Donald Trump’s personalities come out in final debate

It is official. This presidential race is out of control. It has been for a while now but if there ever were any doubts about it, last night’s Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate confirmed it for sure.

Fact or Fiction: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump final third debate

To hear Donald Trump say it at the 2016 Presidential election third and final debate, the United States is about to fall apart completely while Hillary Clinton seemed to stretch things a bit

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump final debate biggest takeaways

Donald Trump was determined to go down swinging in the third and final 2016 Presidential debate against Hillary Clinton and he certainly got people talking, but for all the wrong reasons.

Final Presidential debate doesn’t sway undecided voters

The third and final 2016 Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had pretty much the same results and the first two in that undecided voters are still up in the air who they will vote for.

Donald Trump writes own headline with debate election result answer

Donald Trump was going well in the third and final 2016 Presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, but after enough prodding, his composure began to crack. The first major crack hit when he was asked