donald trump wisely bought up negative website domains 2016 images

Donald Trump wisely bought up negative website domains

One thing you can say about Donald Trump; he understands the internet game and how to keep ahead of the haters. Before anyone could get a chance to purchase any website domains that were anti-Trump, the Republican presidential nominee grabbed them all up.
will donald trump drive evangelicals from republican party 2016 images

Will Donald Trump drive evangelicals from Republican Party?

When Donald Trump first began his campaign, he didn't mention religion or the Bible, but once he realized that this was something his base wanted, he suddenly was the best Bible reader in the world.
donald trump using obamacare to tighten race 2016 images

Donald Trump using Obamacare to tighten race

Donald Trump is pushing even harder now doubling down on slamming Obamacare to tighten Hillary Clinton's lead in the 2016 Presidential Election.
dont expect fbi to be quick with hillary clinton email investigation

Don’t expect FBI to be quick with Hillary Clinton email investigation

We already saw how long it took the FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails already, so this 'surprise' Friday announcement by Director James Comey won't move any faster.
Donald Trump's tough road ahead even with FBI email issue 2016 images

Donald Trump’s tough road ahead even with FBI email issue

Donald Trump was handed a gift-wrapped package by FBI Director James Comey on Friday with his letter to Congress reopening the email investigation involving Hillary Clinton, but it isn't a sure deal for his Presidential win.
did fbi director james comey break the law with hillary clinton emails 2016 images

Did FBI Director James Comey break the law with Hillary Clinton emails?

Many people thought it was odd when FBI Director James Comey caused a stir for Hillary Clinton with his letter to Congress, and Minority Leader Harry Reid has stepped up to point this out.
hillary clinton and donald trump on top issues 2016 images

How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on voter issues

With just nine days before election day is here, voters have either voted early or made up their minds despite all the October surprises that keep hitting both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
fbi james comey ignored doj concerns about hillary clinton investigation

FBI James Comey ignored DOJ concerns about Hillary Clinton investigation

Over the weekend it's been discovered that the FBI actually knew about the additional Hillary Clinton emails for weeks although James Comey said it had just been brought to his attention.
hillary clinton email investigation what to expect 2016 images

Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation and what to expect

Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be quite the teflon lady when it comes to dealing with scandals, but one of the most persistent ones has risen it's ugly head again. This time it came from the most unlikely of placed, Anthony Weiner's computer.
donald trump shorts investment promise but gives 10 million 2016 images

Donald Trump shorts investment promise but gives $10 million

Donald Trump seems to be that person that makes a lot of pie in the sky promises, but when it's time to deliver on them, he just doesn't seem to think it's necessary.