is donald trump ready for a very different america 2017 images

Is Donald Trump ready for a very different America?

President-elect Donald Trump has a penchant for the 1980's, but as his inauguration looms closer, he's noticing that America is very different than it was back in the days of Reaganomics.
heroes and zeros blackish vs nicole kidman 2017 images

Heroes and Zeros: ‘Blackish’ vs Nicole Kidman

In the latest round of Hero/Zero, the winning spot goes to a television show whose most recent episode echoes the sentiments of America right now. The loser is an actress who is catching a lot of heat for her “support Trump” comments.
list grows of democrats boycotting donald trump inauguration 2017

List grows of Democrats boycotting Donald Trump inauguration

Donald Trump's inauguration has lost some of the acts that were going to perform, but the biggest loss in attendance is coming from Democrats who have chosen to boycott it.
ryan zinke getting public lands scrutiny 2017 images

Ryan Zinke getting public lands scrutiny

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke has confused some after stating several times that he will defend public lands but then being one who votes to undermine them.
womens march a reminder of 1913 suffrage parade 2017 images

Women’s March a reminder of 1913 suffrage parade

On Saturday, one day after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, thousands of women plan to take the streets of Washington, demanding a greater voice for women in American political life as a new president takes power.
china taking center stage at davos world economic forum 2017 images

China taking center stage at Davos World Economic Forum

At this years World Economic Forum, the star attraction will be Xi Jinping, the first Chinese president ever to attend Davos. His presence is being seen as a sign of Beijing's growing weight in the world at a time when President-elect Donald Trump
donald trumps biz partner has big indonesia plans 2017 images

Donald Trump’s biz partner has big Indonesia plans

While Donald Trump has continually stated that he won't allow his being President affect his business, his partner Hary Tanoesoedibjo is having no problem voicing what he wants to do.
donald trumps inauguration a day for parties and protests 2017 images

Donald Trump’s Inauguration: A day of parties and protests

President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday will surely make history for both the parties and the protests that will be happening. Countless Democrats are boycotting the event and getting an All-Star lineup
donald trump meets martin luther kings son after john lewis twitter rant 2017 images

Donald Trump meets with Martin Luther King’s son after John Lewis Tweets

Donald Trump did a quick pivot after blasting civil rights icon John Lewis on Saturday by meeting with civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr.'s son on Monday.
ivanka trump washington policy planning begins 2017 images

Ivanka Trump’s Washington policy planning begins

Ivanka Trump could easily surpass her father in politics longevity as she's hit the Washington political world running full force.

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