donald trumps horrible horrible liars 2016 images

Donald Trump’s ‘Horrible horrible liars’

Donald Trump seems to be that one person who loves chaos, and while he appears to be thriving on it, his chances to become the next President of the United States appear to be rapidly dwindling.
could donald trump wind up costing paul ryan his job 2016 images

Could Donald Trump wind up costing Paul Ryan his job?

The Republican party has had quite the highwire act when trying to handle Donald Trump, but after Friday's video hit, it looks like the bulk of the party is running for cover quickly. Paul Ryan was quick to lead the charge
donald trump vs hillary clinton race has become all about women now 2016 images

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton race now all about women

We knew from the outset that once the 2016 Presidential Election came down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump it would be a no holds barred contest, but who would have thought it would become all about treatment of women
hillary clinton vs donald trump debate 2 review and fact checker 2016 images

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate 2 review and fact checker

Last night, the two presidential nominees (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) vying for the top leadership spot in our country did something during the second debate that I for one am flabbergasted by - wasted the American people’s time.
donald trump proves women are second hand citizens 2016 images

Donald Trump proves women are second hand citizens

We live in a world where women are more educated than ever before although you'd never know it from Donald Trump. I am not just speaking about the leaps and bounds women of color have made with regards to gaining equality. I mean all women, of all backgrounds
2016 presidential election just as divisive for nfl teams football images

2016 Presidential Election just as divisive for NFL teams

2016 Presidential Election as Divisive for NFL as the Rest of the Country, Just Ask the Buffalo Bills
reamin apathetic if you want donald trump as your next president 2016 images

Remain apathetic if you want Donald Trump as your next President

Donald Trump is petty. He doesn’t like to lose and he doesn’t like to think that he isn’t good enough to be something like President of the United States. But the truth is he has not shown us anything that signifies he can handle the role.
hillary clinton vs donald trump debate 1 highlights 2016 images

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate highlights

Last night we got a chance to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in action against each other in the first presidential debate. What should have been 100 minutes of these two candidates laying out the facts of their agenda
biggest factors in hillary clinton donald trump debate 2016 images

Biggest factors in Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate

Monday night's Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump 2016 Presidential election debate will surely pull in a lot of viewers expecting quite a show. You have the born showman, Donald Trump, riding high on his rising ratings
kim kardashian switches from donald trump to hillary clinton now 2016 images

Kim Kardashian switches from Donald Trump back to Hillary Clinton

People were shocked when Kim Kardashian, who had been backing Hillary Clinton since last year suddenly switched allegiances to Donald Trump. She even took the time to do it in a selfie