more sanctions for russia from obama administration 2017 images

More sanctions for Russia from Obama administration

Vladimir Putin will get to see how strong his friendship is with President-elect Donald Trump next week when he's inaugurated now that President Barack Obama has hit Russia with even more sanctions.
donald trump loomed over golden globes and la la lands glory 2017 images

Donald Trump loomed over Golden Globes and ‘La La Land’s’ glory

Donald Trump knew that he'd be the subject of a few speeches at the 2017 Golden Globes, so he obviously watched and responded on his trust Twitter after Meryl Streep gave a powerful, graceful and expected acceptance for her Cecil B. DeMille Award.
donald trump uses 'stupid' to continue ignoring intelligence on russia hacks images

Donald Trump uses ‘stupid’ to continue ignoring intelligence on Russia hacks

At this point, even if the U.S. intelligence agencies handed Donald Trump a picture of Vladimir Putin hacking into U.S. sensitive documentary, he would claim that he was just educating himself.
will donald trump accept us intelligence on putin 2016 images

Will Donald Trump finally accept U.S. Intelligence on Putin?

You would think that President-elect Donald Trump was going to the dentist the way he's been about meeting with U.S. intelligence agencies to be briefed on Russian hackers.
paul ryans gop anxious to defund planned parenthood 2017 images

Paul Ryan’s GOP anxious to defund Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood has long been the Republican parties dream, and Paul Ryan was quick to announce on Thursday that they would be doing that despite the uphill battle they expect from Democrats.
donald trumps intelligence fight worrying for james clapper 2017 images

Donald Trump’s Intelligence fight worrying for James Clapper

As more U.S. intelligence experts and officials continue confirming that Russia did, in face, meddle with the 2016 election, Donald Trump seems to dig hig heels in even deeper citing people like Wikileaks Julian Assange
americas health care showdown battle begins 2016 images

America’s health care showdown battle begins: Obamacare vs TrumpCares?

The day began with Mike Pence with the Republican party and Barack Obama with the Democratic party ready for a huge battle. What will become of America's health care system?
donald trump uses julian assange for russia 2016 images

Donald Trump uses Julian Assange for Russia

Politics surely proves that your enemy one day is sure to become your ally the next, and Donald Trump is doing just that with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
donald trump tweet puts halt to republican ethics gut 2016 images

Donald Trump tweet puts halt to Republican ethics gut

President-elect Donald Trump stymied Republicans on the first day of the 115th Congress with a tweet. It appears to be an inadvertant tweet, but it wound up having quite a big effect on the outcome.
will donald trumps white house harken back the 80s 2017 images

Will Donald Trump’s White House harken back to the 80’s?

Many have noticed by now that one of Donald Trump's favorite decades was the 1980's when he became a real estate celebrity. He often refers back to those times, and with his wanting to turn back the tide on many regulations

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