donald trump meets martin luther kings son after john lewis twitter rant 2017 images

Donald Trump meets with Martin Luther King’s son after John Lewis Tweets

Donald Trump did a quick pivot after blasting civil rights icon John Lewis on Saturday by meeting with civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr.'s son on Monday.
ivanka trump washington policy planning begins 2017 images

Ivanka Trump’s Washington policy planning begins

Ivanka Trump could easily surpass her father in politics longevity as she's hit the Washington political world running full force.
bruce springstein shows donald trump who's the boss 2017 images

Bruce Springsteen shows Donald Trump who’s The Boss

President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration is leaking talent as the B Street Band pull out in respect for Bruce Springsteen's feelings about the Republican.
pbs funding in question under donald trump regime 2017 images

PBS funding in question under Donald Trump regime

The Donald Trump administration has already made sure Planned Parenthood knew that it would be losing any federal funding, and now PBS is wondering if the same will be happening to the public broadcaster.
can donald trump really save americas infrastructure 2017 images

Can Donald Trump really save America’s infrastructure?

We've been hearing President-elect Donald Trump say that he's the only one who can save America's failing infrastructure for years, and in less than a week he'll have his chance to finally prove it.
celebrities begin supporting donald trump what are they seeing 2017 images

Celebrities begin supporting Donald Trump: What are they seeing?

Is it time to give Donald Trump a chance? This is something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Celebrities have really been pushing this notion and it’s one that I find hard to wrap my head around for various reasons.
Donald Trump CEO actions raising more ethics questions 2017 images

Donald Trump CEO actions raising more ethics questions

Donald Trump is used to doing things his way, but he's quickly learning that now every move he makes is under heavy scrutiny. His recent meetings with Bayer and Monsanto have many asking if this is ethical.
original dreamgirl jennifer holliday pulls out on donald trump 2017 images

Original ‘Dreamgirl’ Jennifer Holliday pulls out on Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump's team announced on Friday that Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday and 3 Doors Down would be performing at his inauguration, but Holliday's team was quick to clarify that she hadn't committed.
donald trump takes on civil rights legend john lewis with twitter 2017 images

Donald Trump takes on civil rights legend John Lewis with Twitter

President-elect Donald Trump has now got us so conditioned that it would seem odd if he wasn't attacking someone on Twitter, and he didn't disappoint as he made civil rights legend John Lewis his latest target.
will us military switch from green enery to fossil fuels for donald trump 2016 images

Will U.S. military switch from green energy to fossil fuels for Donald Trump?

With Donald Trump clearly letting it be known about his views on climate change, many are wondering if the U.S. military will be scrapping their green energy innovations and going back to fossil fuels.

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