Bill Belichick Defends Letter to Donald Trump 2016 images

Bill Belichick Defends Letter to Donald Trump

Bill Belichick is 100 percent focused on Seattle. Still, even the Darth Vader of media relations couldn’t completely avoid questions about his letter to Donald Trump that was read on Monday at a Trump rally
President Donald Trump Where do we go from here 2016 images

President Donald Trump: Where do we go from here?

It started early for me last night. The anxiety. I knew when the first round of Electoral College votes came in putting Hillary at 3 and Trump at 19 that we were in trouble.
donald trump vs the media 2016 images

Donald Trump Versus the Media

No matter what you think of Donald Trump, you have to admit he handled the media masterfully during his successful Presidential campaign.
How Data Security and Integrity Lost Hillary the Election 2016 images

How Data Security and Integrity Lost Hillary Clinton the Election

It was unexpected. We know how divided America is when it comes to the recently-ended election with all points going against Donald Trump. During the last couple of weeks, it looked like Hillary Clinton was set for the win
donald trumps road to white house reveals americas true self 2016 images

Donald Trump’s road to the White House reveals America’s true self

It's always said that American's vote their feelings, and that couldn't have been more evident when they chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.
donad trumps working class whites hitting back on hillary clinton 2016 images

Donald Trump’s working-class whites take him to White House

Many pollsters and forecasters may be out of a job come next election after the shocking turnaround Donald Trump has given Hillary Clinton.
florida and ohio deliver for donald trump 2016 images

2016 Election sees Florida and Ohio deliver for Donald Trump

It was a very tight race for the state of Florida, but Donald Trump came out the winner over Hillary Clinton. He was also able to snag Ohio knocking the Clinton campaign and Hillary supporters for a loop.
hillary clinton and donald trump keep tight race for white house 2016 images

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump keep race tight for White House

Every aspect of the 2016 Presidential Election has kept everyone on their toes, especially Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's campaign staffers. So why should vote night be any different?
how the future looks for donald trump 2016 images

What the future looks like for Donald Trump

No matter what your view is on Donald Trump, he can honestly say that he did what he set out to do. He turned the 2016 Presidential Election on its head just like he did with the Republican Party.
what the future holds for hillary clinton 2016 images

What the future holds for Hillary Clinton

This campaign has certainly become a real nail biter for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The positive that can come out of this campaign is that it exposed a lot of weaknesses