donald trump win giving rise to white nationalist alt right movement 2016 images

Donald Trump win giving rise to White Nationalist Alt-Right movement

Many people assumed that racism was over in America once Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, but they were the ones that didn't travel outside of their city. A quiet storm was slowly boiling up, and with this election, Donald Trump was able to tap
donald trump activating new generation of protestors 2016 images

Donald Trump activating new generation of protestors

Each generation usually has something that ignites them into action, and with Donald Trump winning the election, a whole new young breed of activists has risen.
Donald Trump makes nice with The New York Times after confusion 2016 images

Donald Trump makes nice with The New York Times after confusion

President-elect Donald Trump once again made quite the scene on the day that he was to meet with The New York Times. It actually felt more like a scene out of a rom-com
donald trump does the new york times

Donald Trump’s Interview with New York Times has some curious answers

Here's the full transcript of Donald Trump's interview with The New York Times. Some of these answers are quite priceless and will make you wonder if you're reading something from The Onion, but it's all real.
donald trump has unleashed his first 100 day plans video 2016 images

Donald Trump has unleashed his first 100 Days policy plan video

After a scathing Saturday Night Live skit showing a Donald Trump completely out of his depth, the upcoming president has released a video on his Twitter account breaking down exactly what his first 100 days in office will be like.
donald trump continues mulling cabinet prospects 2016 images

Donald Trump continues mulling cabinet prospects

President-elect Donald Trump has made a few choices, but he is continuing on with the cabinet interviewing process. Having former rivals and people that badmouthed him during the campaign is definitely feeding his ego
kris kobach already has tough immigration plan for donald trump 2016 images

Kris Kobach already has tough immigration plan for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has already got some very eager people ready to get started on a new immigration plan in line with his campaign promises.
reality of obamacare sinking in for donald trump and republicans 2016 images

Reality of Obamacare sinking in for Donald Trump and Republicans

When you're on the campaign trail, politicians quickly learn that truth goes ou the window, and in the case of President-elect Donald Trump, there really was no window. He made promise after promise that repealing Obamacare
donald trump takes out his anger on the press

Donald Trump takes out his anger on the press in meeting

For decades, Donald Trump wooed the press, even pretending to be someone else when pitching stories about himself, but now that's he's becoming the next President, his list of enemies is growing and he's letting them know it.
donald trump letting media mull on mitt romney 2016 images

Donald Trump letting media mull on Mitt Romney

Last week Donald Trump sent out plenty of test balloons seeing how both the media and public reacted to some of his possible candidates. He's done the same over the weekend with a multitude of people, including Mitt Romeny, who was a bit of a surprise to some.