donald trump begins claim game with ford 2016 images

Donald Trump begins claim game with Ford

Through the decades many business people had stories about Donald Trump taking credit for ideas that were far from his, and on Thursday, the President-elect proved their point by claiming to have saved American jobs by saving a plant from closing.
never settle donald trump settles $25 million trump university fraud lawsuit 2016 images

‘Never settle’ Donald Trump settles $25 million Trump University fraud lawsuit

Even though Donald Trump has settled many of his hundreds of lawsuits, he spent his time on the campaign trail stating that he 'never settles.'
Michael Flynn offered donald trumps national security advisor spot 2016 images

Michael Flynn offered Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor spot

President-elect Donald Trump has been quick to point out that only he knows who the true 'finalists' are regarding his cabinet positions, but it appears Lt. Gen Michael Flynn has made the cut for National Security Advisor.
donald trump foreign policy time 2016 images

Donald Trump foreign policy time

With so many people asking about President-elect Donald Trump's foreign policy stance and if he would be living up to all those promises he made on the campaign trail, his camp has realized it's time to act.
donald trump cabinet positions getting apprentice treatment 2016 images

Donald Trump cabinet positions getting ‘Apprentice’ treatment

Donald Trump may no longer be on NBC's 'The Apprentice,' but many people clamoring for all those open cabinet positions are using some of those tactics to get his attention.
donald trumps promises getting gop governors ready to move quickly 2016 images

Donald Trump’s promises getting GOP Governors ready to move quickly

Donald Trump made plenty of promises on the campaign trail, and having a Republican-controlled House and Senate, some of these can come true such as his trillion dollar infrastructure plan.
will rudy giulianis business ties cost him donald trump position 2016 images

Will Rudy Giuliani’s business ties cost him Donald Trump position?

It's easy to decide who you want to put on your cabinet, but as Donald Trump is quickly learning, once the vetting process starts, it's a whole different ballgame.
will donald trump undo roe v. wade ruling 2016 images

Will Donald Trump undo Roe v. Wade ruling?

President-elect Donald Trump got many people wondering if he'll have a huge impact on the famous Roe v. Wade rulling from 1973. He commented that women can just go to another state if their state suddenly makes abortion illegal, sending an ominous signal.
voters will just have to trust donald trump on business 2016 images

Voters will have to trust Donald Trump on business

Donald Trump loves doing this on his own terms, so it should come as no surprise that the President-elect will expect voters to just trust him when it comes to not mixing his Trump business with White House business.
donald trump reacts to transition team problems 2016 images

Donald Trump reacts to transition team problems

Since President-elect Donald Trump is working hard to keep the press out of his transition loop, leaks are already happening claiming that there's plenty of power play problems going on inside the camp.