americas health care showdown battle begins 2016 images

America’s health care showdown battle begins: Obamacare vs TrumpCares?

The day began with Mike Pence with the Republican party and Barack Obama with the Democratic party ready for a huge battle. What will become of America's health care system?
donald trump uses julian assange for russia 2016 images

Donald Trump uses Julian Assange for Russia

Politics surely proves that your enemy one day is sure to become your ally the next, and Donald Trump is doing just that with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
donald trump tweet puts halt to republican ethics gut 2016 images

Donald Trump tweet puts halt to Republican ethics gut

President-elect Donald Trump stymied Republicans on the first day of the 115th Congress with a tweet. It appears to be an inadvertant tweet, but it wound up having quite a big effect on the outcome.
will donald trumps white house harken back the 80s 2017 images

Will Donald Trump’s White House harken back to the 80’s?

Many have noticed by now that one of Donald Trump's favorite decades was the 1980's when he became a real estate celebrity. He often refers back to those times, and with his wanting to turn back the tide on many regulations
how will republicans repeal obamacare 2017 images

How will Republicans repeal Obamacare?

With over 20 million Americans having signed up for Obamacare in 2017, questions and concerns are rising about how President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican party will repeal it without having everything come crashing down.
racist normalization isnt normal 2016 images

Racist Normalization isn’t normal

We have become a nation of normalization. That should be our new national motto really. “In normalization we trust.”
russian malware found at electric utility has US cybersecurity re examined 2016 images

Russian malware found at electric utility has U.S. cybersecurity re-examined

Times have certainly changed in America where in the past if there was a threat of national security, it was treated seriously. Now truth doesn't matter as much to President-elect Donald Trump who continues denouncing facts
will donald trump refute latest russian malware on vermont company 2016 images

Will Donald Trump refute latest Russian malware on Vermont electric company?

We already know that even when he's given proof of Russia's hacking into our country, Donald Trump has some major blinders on. It reminds one of that troubled sibling or lover we always give excuses for no matter what they do.
vladimir putin waiting for donald trump to undo sanctions 2016 images

Vladimir Putin waiting for Donald Trump to undo sanctions in 2017

Even though many Republicans and Americans feel that Barack Obama placing harsh sanctions on Vladimir Putin and Russia is the right move, Donald Trump still holds firm in his praising of the Russian dictator.
how the world will celebrate new years to end 2016 chaos era images

World celebrates New Years 2017 hoping an end to chaotic 2016

Even though many are expecting a New Year 2017 to be just as chaotic, if not more than 2016, countries around the world are choosing how to celebrate New Year's Eve. Some are focusing on the recent celebrity deaths

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