rex tillersons chances for secretary of state increasing 2017 images

Rex Tillerson’s chances for Secretary of State increasing

President Donald Trump is proving that he gets what he wants, and his choice for secretary of state Rex Tillerson is moving closer to getting that top spot.
donald trump vs the media only hurts americans 2017 images

Donald Trump vs Media only hurts Americans

For some reason, a few media pundits thought that the White House would bring out the best in President Donald Trump, but it seems that his war on the media will continue raging on. Saturday's shocking CIA speech
size matters to white house press secretary sean spicer 2017 images

Size matters to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is showing America that size matters to both him and Trump as he created 'facts' that could easily be refuted simply by checking out publicly available figures.
obamacare just how does donald trumps executive order affect it 2017 images

Obamacare: Just how does Donald Trump’s executive order affect it?

While President Donald Trump made quite a show of signing his first executive order dealing with "Obamacare," many people have no clue what all that really entails.
net neutrality donald trump eyes ajit pai for fcc 2017 images

Net Neutrality: Donald Trump eyes Ajit Pai for FCC

It appears that President Donald Trump is continuing his way of picking people for cabinet positions who are opposed to things within that position. The latest is Ajit Pai, who has been a very fierce opponent of net neutrality
america getting what it voted for with president donald trump 2017 images

America’s getting what it voted for with President Donald Trump

Americans love saying that they like getting exactly what they wanted so it should make those that voted for Donald Trump very happy. They're getting the exact Donald Trump that was on the campaign trail
fact vs fiction donald trump inauguration speech 2017 images

Fact vs Fiction: Donald Trump’s inauguration speech

During his campaign, Donald Trump wasn't afraid of hyperbole and creating his own set of facts, so now that he's the 45th president of the United States, no expects that to change.
President Donald Trump's Inauguration speech not so surprising 2017 images

President Donald Trump’s Inauguration speech not so surprising

While some media pundits are acting surprised at President Donald Trump's inauguration speech, most Americans aren't. This is the Donald Trump that campaigned hard for this role
President Donald Trump's Inauguration Ready to unbreak America 2017 images

President Donald Trump’s Inauguration: Ready to unbreak America

It is a solemn day in America for many people. After months of trying to come to terms with the inevitable, the moment that I and others hoped would somehow not happen has happened- Donald Trump is officially the president
final farewell message for barack and michelle obama 2017 images

Final farewell message for Barack and Michelle Obama

Today marks the beginning of a series of emotional days for me. Actually, it started last night when it finally hit me that Barack Obama will no longer be president of the United States.

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