2016 election a look at each states key races 2016 images

2016 Election: A look at each state’s key races

It's easy to get caught up with all the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton drama with the 2016 elections, but it's just as important to remember there's plenty at stake down the tickets for both the Democratic and Republicans parties.
surprise fbi finds nothing in hillary clinton emails case closed again 2016 images

Surprise! FBI finds nothing in Hillary Clinton emails, case closed again

In a case of too little, too late, FBI Director James Comey announced on Sunday that the latest probe into Hillary Clinton's emails had led to nothing found.
melania trumps illegal work history in us 2016 images

Melania Trump’s illegal work history in U.S.

Donald Trump talks a big game about keeping illegal immigrants from coming to our country and stealing jobs from hard-working Americans, but it seems his wife, Melania Trump gets a pass from him.
getting those facts right on donald trump and hillary clinton 2016 images

Getting those facts right on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump throws out so many numbers, comments and 'facts,' that it's nearly impossible to keep track of which ones are right, half-right or just plain hyperbole.
donald trump supporters threaten 'in arms' if he loses election 2016 images

Donald Trump supporters threaten ‘in arms’ if he loses election

Donald Trump has quite the rabid following, but whenever any violence breaks out or robocall slurs happen, his campaign immediately states they had nothing to do with it.
donald trump university fraud issues expand 2016 images

Donald Trump University fraud issues expand

While Donald Trump has been hammering to the media and his followers about Hillary Clinton's email issues, he's been able to keep the fraud issues surrounding his Trump University rather quiet.
can supreme court avoid deadlock if election dispute occurs 2016 images

Can the Supreme Court avoid a deadlock if election dispute occurs?

With an election like this one, nothing would be a surprise any longer with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One question that seems to be ignored is if the election results turn into a nasty dispute
tight election still showing hillary clinton plenty of hope 2016 images

Tight election still giving Hillary Clinton plenty of hope

Donald Trump may have reigned himself in sticking to his Teleprompter and avoiding his 'out there' riffs, but Hillary Clinton still has plenty of hope in winning the Presidential race.
julian assange claims hillary clinton wikileaks not tied to russia 2016 images

Julian Assange claims Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks not tied to Russia

Julian Assange loves media attention, and it didn't take long before he did an interview trying to refute claims that his Hillary Clinton emails were from the Russian government.
hurrican trump hits florida hard 2016 images

Hurricane Trump hits Florida hard

Florida is getting hit with yet another strong force with Donald Trump doubling down on the state before Tuesday's Presidential election. The Republican nominee knows that this is one of those 'must' states for him