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Biggest factors in Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate

Monday night's Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump 2016 Presidential election debate will surely pull in a lot of viewers expecting quite a show. You have the born showman, Donald Trump, riding high on his rising ratings

Thunders Enes Kanter changes name in support of Fethullah Gulen

Enes Kanter Changes Name, Disowned by Family for Support of Turkish Coup

Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ not helped by her still playing victim

Taylor Swift was smart to take a break from the public eye, but she's back doing the same victim playing with 'Reputation' and throwing shade in her passive aggressive style.

How Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian propaganda

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's election interference indictment showed how easily social media giants Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian proganda agents. Russian bot continued provoking dissent about gun control after the Florida Parkland massacre over the weekend.

Who’s behind the $43 million Hillary Clinton Super PAC contributions?

We know with Presidential elections, it always about the money in the war chest, but the 2016 Presidential Election has thrown some curve balls in the way of Bernie Sanders who's raising his by about $27 at a time. Hillary Clinton, of course, came ready with the big bucks

All bills signed into law by Donald Trump that will affect...

While President Donald Trump may be having trouble getting his big legislature bills through Congress (like TrumpCare and the immigration ban), he's been signing a slew of bills into law that will affect many people.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate 2 review and fact checker

Last night, the two presidential nominees (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) vying for the top leadership spot in our country did something during the second debate that I for one am flabbergasted by - wasted the American people’s time.

Seth DeValve takes a stand by taking a Colin Kaepernick kneel

There is no greater moment than right now for white people, who believe that the atrocities happening against people of color (POC) are wrong, to...

All of Donald Trump’s personalities come out in final debate

It is official. This presidential race is out of control. It has been for a while now but if there ever were any doubts about it, last night’s Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate confirmed it for sure.

Understanding ‘net neutrality’ and how it affects you if it ends...

Yes, you will be affected if net neutrality is rolled back, but here are 5 ways you can have your voice heard to stop this.

Donald Trump proves women are second hand citizens

We live in a world where women are more educated than ever before although you'd never know it from Donald Trump. I am not just speaking about the leaps and bounds women of color have made with regards to gaining equality. I mean all women, of all backgrounds

Even Google News fails at accuracy

Google certainly prides itself on being the biggest search engine out there, but as anyone who publishes news knows, they are far from perfect.