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NRA taking backseat role in midterm elections

After getting intense Russia scrutiny with the 2016 presidential election, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is staying unusually quiet with donations with the upcoming midterm elections. Gun control groups are donating more to this campaign.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s ‘instinct for science’ climate change argument

Donald Trump feels he has the answer for everything, and on Tuesday he claimed that because of his Uncle Joe being a scientist, he has a natural instinct for science. We fact check some of his claims on the environment.

Fake News: Obama’s banned Nativity scene and injured Border Patrol picture

Fake News Roundup: Melania Trump uses Nativity scene banned by the Obamas, Border Patrol agent injured by rock fake photo and migrant woman fleeing teargas with two children a real photograph.

‘Tariff Man’ Donald Trump doesn’t understand his superpowers

Donald Trump fails to understand the superpowers of Tariff Man or even what tariffs really are. Here are the real facts on Tariff Man.

How far right will Brett Kavanaugh take Supreme Court?

Now that Brett Kavanaugh marks the sixth Supreme Court justice nominated by Republicans, how far to the right will the high court swing?

Future uncertain for solar and wind power with Donald Trump

While there's been no official word on what President Donald Trump's administration will be doing with their energy plan, having the White House scrub its website of all Obama climate change information is rather telling.

Net Neutrality: Donald Trump eyes Ajit Pai for FCC

It appears that President Donald Trump is continuing his way of picking people for cabinet positions who are opposed to things within that position. The latest is Ajit Pai, who has been a very fierce opponent of net neutrality

Fake News: Robert Mueller gouges taxpayers, Elizabeth Warren stiffs interns

Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump top our fakes news report for the week.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just VOTE dammit

2018 will go down in history as the Vote as if your life depends on it with good reason. Our country is divided, Donald Trump has worn people out, but as our Vinnie Chaffee notes, it's not about who you vote for but just getting off your butt and doing it. This is the time it really matters.

The frightening brilliance behind Donald Trump’s media attacks

President Donald Trump created a media disavowal campaign back in 2015 during his campaign, but on Friday, it picked up a frightening speed with a simple tweet. This tweet was the beginning of something rather dark

Heroes and Zeros: Serena Williams vs Carl Palladino, ‘Supernatural’ Wiki

It’s time for hero/ zero. The winner this week is a female athlete who is at the top of the tennis game and the zero is yet another Trump connected bigot who needs to watch his mouth and a 'Supernatural' site not being very super.

Bill Clinton’s ‘son’ Danney Williams story unravels but shouldn’t matter anyway

Just as we deal with the undeniable truth of Trump’s diabolical view of women, a story about Bill Clinton’s alleged illegitimate son that has been a long time in the making gains traction amongst Trump supporters and certain media outlets.