fact checking donald trumps holiday fictions 2018 images

Fact checking Donald Trump’s holiday fictions

President Donald Trump made some big claims over the holiday government shutdown regarding both the border wall and getting the U.S. Troops a whopping pay raise. Here are the real facts behind those claims.
donald trump cant get russia to go away fact checker 2018 images

Donald Trump can’t get Russia to go away fact check

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in more, Donald Trump has been spinning out his facts and then contradicting them within a days time. Here's the breakdown on his facts and what is the real truth.
democrats obama gave iran 150 billion dollars fake news

Fake News: Iran’s $150 billion, Illinois taxes and listeria outbreak

Hottest fake news stories included a national listeria outbreak, Justin Trudeau installing a United Nations flag in Canada, Donald Trump's $150 billion Iran claim, and no kneeling at George Bush funeral.
donald trump border wall fiction check 2018

Donald Trump’s border wall fiction plus Michael Cohen’s 3 years in prison

At this point, most Americans realize that Donald Trump doesn't really care about the border wall; he just needs a fighting point to keep his base happy while former layer Michael Cohen receives a 3-year prison sentence.
donald trump tariff man fact check 2018 images

‘Tariff Man’ Donald Trump doesn’t understand his superpowers

Donald Trump fails to understand the superpowers of Tariff Man or even what tariffs really are. Here are the real facts on Tariff Man.
donald trump with arms crossed at russia michael cohen and china 2018

Donald Trump gets facts wrong on Russia, Michael Cohen and China

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in on the president, Donald Trump is spinning out plenty of inaccurate Tweets and facts about Russia, Michael Cohen and his recent deal with China. We'll set the record straight with facts.

Fake News: Obama’s banned Nativity scene and injured Border Patrol picture

Fake News Roundup: Melania Trump uses Nativity scene banned by the Obamas, Border Patrol agent injured by rock fake photo and migrant woman fleeing teargas with two children a real photograph.
minneapolis racist christmas tree leads to 2 officers on leave

Two Minneapolis police officers on paid leave after racist Christmas tree display

Two Minneapolis police officers involved with the racist Christmas tree at the Fourth Precinct which caused much outrage are on leave, but they are still getting paid as investigations continue into the matter.
donald trump hand jobs climate change argument

Donald Trump chooses his wisdom over National Climate Assessment

Donald Trump decided that he knows better than the experts and has rejected the findings of the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

Donald Trump’s Barack Obama facts wrong plus Paul Manafort violation

Donald Trump is claiming that Barack Obama separated migrant families at the border, but his facts are off on that one. Paul Manafort has violated his plea agreement with Robert Mueller and Trump is attacking the Russia probe on Twitter again.

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