2015 ncaa treating athletes fairly

Why Doesn’t the NCAA Treat Its Athletes Fairly?

The problem is that college athletics’ governing body has developed into an organization that appears to care nothing for those it oversees. Take the case of University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley.
2015 gossip celebrity kim kardashian beyonce baby rumors

Celebrity Gossip Weekly RoundUp: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian Baby Talk; Harry Style’s Secret

As we kick off 2015 the scandalous and shocking celebrity gossip continues. The year started off with One Direction musician Harry Styles getting back on the dating scene after a recent breakup
2015 nfl divisional recap images

2015 NFL Divisional Recap Sunday: Dez Robbery & Luck Greater Than Manning

Sunday's playoff games offered a so called Ice Bowl II between Dallas and Green Bay. Good to know that Fox Sports has such a creative team to name these games.
2015 Most Overrated NFL Players Images

Most Overrated NFL Players Of 2014 – 2015 Season

In the NFL millions and millions of dollars get thrown around every year. Many of the players in the league work hard for their money throughout their careers; however, some players have millions of dollars thrown at them for seemingly nothing.
superbowl 2015 predictions images

Revisiting My Super Bowl Predictions

Back in the preseason I made some not so humble predictions about the top teams headed to Super Bowl XLIX. My memory is not as good as it used to be and neither is yours with all the digital input we let ourselves take in nowadays
sony getting 4k tv to go mainstream 2015

Will 4K TV’s Go Mainstream In 2015?

4K TV, also known as Ultra HD (high definition), is a concept that began in the end of 2012 but it is only now that it has become a concept that is growing in terms of recognition.
2015 most underrated ufc fighters images

Top 5 Most Underrated UFC Fighters

Below is my personal list of UFC fighters who could easily be considered underrated throughout their career.
hottest top 10 ufc fighters 2014 2015 images

Top 10 Best UFC Fighters: 2014 & 2015 Season

2014 saw a lot of mayhem inside the Octagon and a bit of chaos outside of it as well thanks to the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl. Like each and every year careers were made and some faded into the abyss.
total divas season 3

TOTAL DIVAS Season 3 Ep 12 Recap: Eva Marie Baby Talk With Jonathan

This week on Total Divas the show opened with Eva Marie and Naomi visiting Eva Marie’s hometown to see a fertility doctor.
2015 nfl divisionals seattle patriots win images

2015 NFL Divisionals Recap: Ravens Blow Leads And Hawks Hammer Cam

These two teams really don't like each other. To be fair, they seem to hate each other on a team wide and individual basis. Terrell Suggs refuses to utter Tom Brady's name and the Pats QB