google glass fails 2015

Google Glasses: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Google has set the technology industry on fire with the release of its Google Glasses. These seemingly ordinary looking sunglasses are actually like something out of the 80’s cartoon show, the Jetsons
49ers not renewing jim harbaugh nfl images 2014

NFL 49ers Not Extending Jim Harbaugh Is A Mistake

How valuable is a great NFL coach anyway? That is a great question and it is best asked to lowly teams that have not had a great coach in a while.
jackie chan son jaycee busted in beijing for drugs

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Beijing Drug Bust

The first piece of juicy gossip for the week is that action star and actor Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, was detained by Beijing, China authorities over charges related to illegal drugs, as they believe he is not only carrying, but using marijuana
johnny manziel fingering bulge 2014 nfl quarterback images

NFL Pre-Season Week 2 Overview 2014: All About Johnny Manziel

After these two weeks of NFL play, it is obvious that anything Johnny Manziel does will make the news.
matt lienart biggest nfl fail 2014

Future NFL Fails

Matt Lienart is in the ad shown grilling and staring off into space when someone mentions college. That was indeed his heyday. The former USC star was a legend at the collegiate level but a complete flop as a pro.

Gareth Thomas & James Haskell Open the Closet On Professional Sports

Gareth Thomas has always been pretty outspoken on being himself both on and off the rugby field which is slowly becoming more common here in the U.S.
thalias hoax instagram gossip images 2014

Best Celebrity Gossip Stories Of 2014

Celebrity gossip can be really intriguing, juicy, fascinating or even heartwarming depending on the nature of the gossip. In 2014 there have been some truly great gossip stories that remind us all that not everything in the world is negative.
beyonce jay z biggest celebrity divorces 2014 images

Biggest Celebrity Marriage Downfalls Of 2014

There has been a lot of scandal surrounding the many celebrity marriage and divorces in 2014. While many Hollywood couples happily hooked up, others sadly ended their marriage.
nfl most underrated football players 2014

2014’s Most Underrated NFL Football Players

There are a few reasons for an NFLer to be underrated. Playing on a bad team or a small market franchise doesn't allow for the national exposure that some players get.
johnny manziel top man bottoms out for nfl 2014 images

NFL Pre-Season Week 1 Overview

Let me start with Johnny Football. Manziel did get plenty of playing time in his first NFL outing. The kid completed seven out of eleven passes, which is good, but it was against preseason players of course.