windows 10 secure boot locks out operating systems 2015

Windows 10 Secure Boot to Boot out Other Operating Systems

Microsoft has just recently announced that they plan to push through what they started when they launched Windows 8—securing the computer against operating systems other than their own.
johnny manziel self conscious at rangers game nfl 2015

Johnny Manziel’s Teammates Not All Supportive

Rehab was just the first step, but Johnny Manziel has a long road to go getting both his fans and his fellow Cleveland Browns support back. Usually when celebrities come out of rehab, they're greeted with open arms, but not everyone on the Browns is feeling so much of that as they know how reality can be.
aaron hernandez saga not over yet tattoos 2015

Aaron Hernandez Saga Isn’t Over Yet

You'd assume that getting a life term sentence in prison would be enough, but the Aaron Hernandez saga is far from over, and he's got one more potential criminal trial coming up along with two civil actions.
justified ep 613 finale recap images 2015

JUSTIFIED Ep 613 Finale: A Perfect Ending For Raylan Givens

The series finale of 'Justified' started with our hero Raylan Givens in cuffs riding in the back of a police car, but ended with him on the right side of the law. Givens ended up doing what was lawful with Boyd, then he did what was moral with Ava.

SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 8 Recap: Hali Ford Doing Jury Duty

On this week’s episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart, back at camp, Rodney said he was heartbroken to see Kelly go. He said that he was mad about it and he blamed Mike for Kelly going home.
baby with measles law order svu granting immunity recap 2015 images_result

LAW & ORDER: SVU Ep 1619 Recap: Granting Kids Immunity On Trial

On this week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU, Olivia said that she was taking Noah to the pediatrician to get his vaccination. Meanwhile, at Tribeca Academy, in the city, a teenage boy went to school sick. He and his friends were smuggling bottles of hard liquor in their backpacks to take to a rainbow party.
love and hip hop new york reunion part 2 2015

Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion Part 2: Creepytime Sets In

Last night on Love and Hip Hop New York, we saw part two of the reunion and if you thought the sparks flew last week, well honey child you ain’t seen nothing yet. These fools are off the freaking chain.
csi cyber black boy going downs for ep 105 2015 images

CSI: Cyber Crowd Sourced Ep 105 Recap

On this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber a movie theater usher found a bomb under a patron’s seat. The usher ran out of the theater and into the lobby with the bomb and warned people to get away before it exploded, which it then did.
hugs at love and hip hop new york reunion 2015

Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion Part 1: Remi Gets Shine Time

So here is the truth about Love and Hip Hop New York- These fools are crazy. Last night was part one of the reunion and if you thought the regular episodes we saw each week this season were something, well honey chile you ain’t seen or heard nothing yet.
tiffany pollard on botched 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Ciara Speaks Tiffany Pollard Botch Free & Kanye Defies Stereotype

What’s up peeps, today in the world of celebrity news, we have some two singers beefing and one rapper… swimming causing quite the uproar while NFL star Aaron Hernandez will be doing either kitchen or laundry duty for the rest of his life.

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