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Heroes & Zeros: Patti Labelle & Patti Labelle

The latest hero and zero is the same person, because sometimes you can turn your win into a loss when you don’t know how to humble yourself. For that very reason, I am renaming this week’s piece to winner and loser.
patti labelle fails on james wright chanel 2015 images

Patti Labelle Fails On James Wright But She Finally Did Right

For some reason, this whole thing with Patti LaBelle and her pies has got me all in my feelings. It’s not the selling out and making millions of dollars in a week that has got me feeling a certain kind of way.
Drinking not Johnny Manziel’s only Problem 2015 nfl images

Drinking not Johnny Manziel’s only Problem

We know Johnny Manziel has a drinking problem at the very least. He didn't spend several weeks in a rehab facility over the summer for no good reason.
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Heroes & Zeros: Spike Lee & Toya Wright

This week’s Heroes and Zeroes is a black movie making who finally gets his due and a wife soon to be ex-wife who’s whose cheating hall passes to her husband didn't work.
johnny manziel working post rehab pr 2015

Johnny Manziel Gets Away with Girlfriend Cruising & Bruising

Johnny Manziel got another not so surprising break as he won't be disciplined for the incident with his girlfriend. If you don't remember that one, he was driving with his girlfriend back in October and things got out of hand
Paris ISIS Attacks Shows Where Media Stands 2015 opinion images

Paris ISIS Attacks Shows Where Media Stands For Ratings

The events that happened in Paris on Friday are tragic. They are heart wrenching, and they are disgusting. You know what else conjures up those very same feelings? The 147 Kenyans that were killed back in April of this year.
will real ben carson please stand up 2015 opinion

Will the Real Ben Carson Please Stand Up?

This week, I realized something. Ben Carson may very well be the next American President. He is leading in the polls on the Republican side, and people are really starting to take note.
attorney general new york mafia knocking out fan duel 2015 fantasy football

Attorney General & New York Mafia Knock Out FanDuel & DraftKings

First it was online poker. Now it's daily fantasy sports that's caught in the crosshairs of the New York Mafia. The Attorney General of New York State Eric Schneiderman has ordered FanDuel and DraftKings to stop taking bets from New Yorkers.
missouri football players strike 2015 images

Missouri Football Players Strike

I won't pretend to know all the details concerning the Missouri football team's black players going on strike to protest the university president's lack of action over several racist acts on campus.
one million moms create anti gay backlash for amaya scheers family 2015 opinion

One Million Moms Consider Hate A Family Value

I remember growing up in Los Angeles. We had nothing. Not a car, not a house, in fact, we lived on top of a dry cleaning, business in a studio apartment and I pulled my twin size bed out of the closet every night.