star wars the force awakends john boyega is an actor not a movement 2015 opinion

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ John Boyega Is An Actor, Not A Movement

The biggest movie in the whole wide world has brought and continues to bring about a lot of happy feelings. People have praised “Star Wars The Force Awakens” for it’s action, it’s newness and its progressiveness.
modern media information or propaganda 2015 tech

Modern Media: Information or Propaganda?

Here’s a classic example of what’s happening to our world in relation to our favorite diminutive Jedi master’s teachings. ISIS or the Islamic State is currently spreading terror and chaos in the Middle East and lately in Europe and is busy spreading the word over the internet and news media.
idaho lunch lady should vote for bernie sanders 2015 opinion

Idaho Lunch Lady, Dalene Bowden, Sounds Like A Bernie Sanders Voter

Hospitality workers, which I will define as people who work in the food service industry or accommodations industry, can find themselves in ethical dilemmas more than just occasionally.
Odell Beckham Villainized for Bringing Hostility to a Football Game 2015 images

Odell Beckham Villainized for Bringing Hostility to a Football Game

It is not easy for me to defend Odell Beckham. I don't like the team on which he plays nor do I like the manner in which he carries himself. Don’t care for how the big media has made him into a god so early in his career either.

Heroes & Zeros: John Boyega & South Carolina Spring Valley High School District

The latest heroes & zeroes is a stormtrooper who stands up for himself and a school district that just can’t seem to get away from its ugly past.
Lakeisha Holloways Affluenza like Symptoms 2015 images

Lakeisha Holloway’s Affluenza-like Symptoms

Does Lakeisha N. Holloway Have Poor Person's Version of Affluenza?
serena williams vs american pharoah another slap 2015 opinion

Serena Williams vs American Pharoah: Another Culture Slap?

Countless times this year, I have been taken aback by absurd news and happenings more times than I wish to mention. I mean, from the death of unarmed black men, continually, to Donald Trump actually having support for his presidential campaign
heroes zeros michelle obama 2015 images

Heroes & Zeros: Michelle Obama & Antonin Scalia

This week’s Heroes and Zeros are two very big names in the political world, but only one actually cares about the people they serve. We give you Michelle Obama and Antonin Scalia.
abigail fisher affirmative action 2015 opinion images

Abigail Fisher & Affirmative Action Expiration Dates

With the recent talk about the Supreme Court case involving Abigail Fisher, a white woman who brought a suit against the University of Texas-Austin because she was denied admission due to affirmative action quotas
heroes zeros ayesha curry 2015 opinion

Heroes & Zeros: Ayesha Curry & White People Wizzing

This week’s Hero is everyone's favorite basketball wife, and the Zero is a group of people who just don’t get it.

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