heroes and zeros blackish vs nicole kidman 2017 images

Heroes and Zeros: ‘Blackish’ vs Nicole Kidman

In the latest round of Hero/Zero, the winning spot goes to a television show whose most recent episode echoes the sentiments of America right now. The loser is an actress who is catching a lot of heat for her “support Trump” comments.

Donald Trump continues marginalizing minorities

America is in shambles. We have been on a downward spiral since November 8, 2016, when Donald Trump was elected president.
Predicting our next President with just one chart 2016 opinion

Predicting our next President with just one chart

Even if you're not the most political person out there, you know that the next several months will be a barrage of ads from 2016 Presidential election candidate hopefuls. Each week we'll here a new poll that has come out declaring yet another time Donald Trump is victorious again.
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My Bill Cosby Experience

I have kept quiet on the Bill Cosby situation which is rather unusual for me. I did this in part, because of how I view the media. I find it very hard to trust that what they tell me is true
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‘Be the Blogger’ eBay contest third winner hits

People have gotten more used to the "Be the Blogger" contest we've teamed up with eBay for as submissions from the third round really picked up, and we found one winner who truly earned the $1K prize.
Best Christmas Gift to Relieve Stress 2016 images

Best Christmas Gift to Relieve Stress

Why does everyone get so stressed out at Christmas time? Isn’t this supposed to be the greatest time of the year? Judging by the mean-mugging I just received from the lady in the mall parking lot, I guess not.
Which Members of Congress miss the most votes 2016 opinion

Top 25 Congress members missing the most votes

We know that some our elected officials miss votes that are important to us, but most people have no clue of finding out who is voting for what or just missing out on work. We put them in office to fight for what we want, but sadly, many times they are MIA when we really need them.

Donald Trump: Where have all the real men gone?

Republicans have continued allowing Donald Trump to lower their moral consciousness week by week so it leaves us wondering what happened to real men standing up for what they believe in. Sadly, Richard Spencer and David Duke seem to be the ones standing up more than Republican men.
donald trump continues his winning ways despite polls 2016 images

Donald Trump continues his winning ways despite polls

Donald Trump continues his hard work of rallying supporters by claiming that he really is "winning" despite what the national polls reflect.
did america get close to martin luther king jrs dream 2016 opinion

Did America get close to Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?

It's not been just over fifty-three years ago that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his most famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial that inspired generations upon generations of Americans to strive for a more equal for all races union.