Twitter Negativity post Election 2016 images

Twitter’s Donald Trump Negativity post-Election

Want to get a bad glimpse at humanity? Take a gander at Twitter. Don’t stare too long though, else you could damage your retinas with this negativity eclipse.
serena williams vs american pharoah another slap 2015 opinion

Serena Williams vs American Pharoah: Another Culture Slap?

Countless times this year, I have been taken aback by absurd news and happenings more times than I wish to mention. I mean, from the death of unarmed black men, continually, to Donald Trump actually having support for his presidential campaign

Donald Trump saving persecuted white men through affirmative action

Do white men really need saving from affirmative action as Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions claim they do?
sexy lingerie valentines day

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas for your woman

Okay men, now that Super Bowl 50 is over, you can focus on that one day of the year most of you hate, but the one that most of us females look forward to. Valentine's Day.
Sports Imperialism - America's Ignorant Claim Monica Puig's Gold Medal 2016 images

Sports Imperialism – America’s Ignorant Claim Monica Puig’s Gold Medal

Imperialists sure love gold. First Christopher Columbus came looking for it in 1492, he didn't find it, and so he then went about collecting slaves instead. Nowadays rivers and mines have been picked over for the precious metal.
sexual consent no still means no 2016 opinion

Sexual Consent & Rape Culture: No Still Means No

Recently, Amber Rose had a conversation with singer Tyrese and reality TV star Rev Run on their OWN talk show, It’s Not You, It’s Men. The notion of the show is to present two male perspectives on issues
heroes and zeros reneita smith vs 50 cent 2016 images

Heroes and Zeros: Reneita Smith vs 50 Cent

The Hero this week is a Baltimore area school bus driver who put her life on the line to save 20 children. The Zero is none other than a rapper who continues to show just who arrogant and messy he is.
Donald Trump Ted Cruz Bromance Ends 2016 opinion images

Donald Trump Ted Cruz Bromance Ends on Sixth Republican Debate

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz really took out the gloves ending their so-called bromance on Thursday's sixth Republican presidential debate, and both were also the easy winners compared to the rest.
barack obamas nostalgic speech cant guarantee his legacy 2017 images

Barack Obama’s nostalgic final speech can’t guarantee his legacy

President Barack Obama gave an emotional and wide-ranging final address on Tuesday as he outlined his thoughts on the greatest threats to our democracy while also reminding Americas of both his achievements and challenges
donald trump goes gettysburg for his hundred day plan 2016 images

Donald Trump goes Gettysburg for hundred day plan

Donald Trump can obviously hear that clock ticking down to election day so he's pulling out all the stops. At least, he's ramping up his antics to the next level.

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