black women need to harness their power and stop being hypocritical 2017 images

Black women need to harness their power and start soul searching

The black community has a lot of soul searching to about putting up from black men what they wouldn't from white men and black women can raise themselves up rather than being a victim like Chrisette Michele.
using black money to end anti black violence 2016 images

Using ‘black money’ to end anti-black violence

I am in awe. There are no words to describe the climate of America right now. As I watch one disturbingly horrible act after another, I look on in utter dismay.
heroes and zeros city of seattle vs pastor darrell scott 2017 images

Heroes and Zeros: City of Seattle vs Pastor Darrell Scott

This week in Heroes and Zeros, it all revolves around the craziness of the current executive branch. The hero is a city who is leading the way in the fight against big companies and their questionable connections.
The Black Hole of Christmas Day 2015 tech images

The Black Hole of Christmas Day

I sure do hate to put a damper on Christmas. Actually I don't.
colin kaepernick anthm protest probably not sustainable 2016 images

Colin Kaepernick Anthem Protest Probably Not Sustainable

That the NFL's TV ratings have tanked so far in the current young season is a well-documented fact. For example, Mike Ozanian, writing at, stated the following recently
heroes and zeros michelle obama vs donald trump 2016 images

Heroes and Zeros: Michelle Obama vs Donald Trump

This week’s hero is our first lady for her spot on speech about Donald Trump. The zero is a Trump spawn who looks to be the splitting image of his father.
superman vs super bowl 2016 nfl opinion

Superman vs Super Bowl

“The NFL had never seen anything like Cam Newton.”

Kamala Harris is the voice we need in Washington now

As Donald Trump has made the Washington D.C. swamp overflow and head into the White House, an independent voice like Senator Kamala Harris is a breath of fresh air that is urgently needed in the America he's created.
donald trump and hillary clinton polling like winners of super tuesday 2016 images

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton polling like winners of Super Tuesday

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are polling to be the winners of Super Tuesday. Much to the Republican parties chagrin, even trying to brush Trump with a KKK association won't help Ted Cruz or Mark Rubio take the lead or more delegates.
Donald Trump's alarming speech to Major Cities Chiefs Police Assoc transcript 2017 images

Donald Trump’s alarming speech to Major Cities Chiefs Police Assoc transcript

President Donald Trump met with the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association on Tuesday in what was a rather alarming speech. He complained about the 'dishonest media,' of course, but he continued railing about our Judicial system.

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