Win $1K for Summer with 'Be the Blogger' eBay contest 2016 images

Win $1K for Summer with ‘Be the Blogger’ eBay contest: Round 2

We've just finished Round One of our 'Be the Blogger' contest we're doing with eBay, and Round 2 is upon us with a really fun theme. The winner of the first round will be announced early in the week, but you all can get working on the Round 2 theme which also comes with a $1K prize.
the frightening brilliance behind donald trumps media attacks 2017 images

The frightening brilliance behind Donald Trump’s media attacks

President Donald Trump created a media disavowal campaign back in 2015 during his campaign, but on Friday, it picked up a frightening speed with a simple tweet. This tweet was the beginning of something rather dark
Win $1K by Expressing Your Passion in our 'Be the Blogger' contest with eBay 2016 images

Win $1K by Expressing Your Passion in our ‘Be the Blogger’ contest with eBay

Our readers already know that we have some big contest giveaways, and this one is no different. Usually, we're giving away massive "The Walking Dead" prize packs, but this time we've teamed up with eBay to give someone a great...
trump rally protestors

Donald Trump rallies continue serving up hate as main course

This shit is out of control! I cannot tell you how many times I am left flabbergasted, saddened and utterly speechless by the things I hear about and see concerning Donald Trump.
high school football deaths camron matthews 2015 images

High School Football Deaths: The List Keeps Growing

There is not much worse than reading about a high school football player dying as a result of playing a game that he likely loved, and a game that I have loved since age five.
hero and zeros serena williams vs carl paladino 2016 images

Heroes and Zeros: Serena Williams vs Carl Palladino, ‘Supernatural’ Wiki

It’s time for hero/ zero. The winner this week is a female athlete who is at the top of the tennis game and the zero is yet another Trump connected bigot who needs to watch his mouth and a 'Supernatural' site not being very super.
2016 Rio Olympics - Is Usain Bolt Smart sports images

2016 Rio Olympics – Is Usain Bolt Smart?

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, but is he smart? One characteristic of Bolt's that isn't debatable is that, with all his gold medals, he sure is arrogant.

There is a difference between ‘Supernatural’ fact and fiction

While many know that CW's "Supernatural" is a work of fiction, the fights that occur within the SPN fandom community can lead many to believe that some think that the show and actors are actually the characters they portray. Here's how to tell everyone apart.

‘Supernatural’ fandom gets a mirror held up to the cyberbullying

While we've been covering the show "Supernatural" for some time now, we've seen that there's a growing minority within the #SPNFamily that have taken to cyberbullying, and here's a wonderful response to this issue.
Bill Clinton's 'son' Danney Williams story unravels but shouldn't matter anyway 2016 images

Bill Clinton’s ‘son’ Danney Williams story unravels but shouldn’t matter anyway

Just as we deal with the undeniable truth of Trump’s diabolical view of women, a story about Bill Clinton’s alleged illegitimate son that has been a long time in the making gains traction amongst Trump supporters and certain media outlets.

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