extraterrestrail horror movie girl screaming

EXTRATERRESTRIAL Movie Review: Cliched But Ending Is Best Part

Extraterrestrial is another cabin in the woods film about a bunch of teenagers who head out in to the woods for a booze filled weekend, but end up being terrorized by an unknown force.
patti stanger explains kenya moore james freeman controversy 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kenya Moore & Dane Cook vs the World RIP B.B. King

Rounding out this week’s gossip, we are talking a lot more about Kenya Moore, among other things, because she just can’t seem to get her shit together. Patti Stanger speaks out, Dane Cook speaks out too much and RIP to a blues legend.
bill cosby talks around rape charges 2015 images

Bill Cosby Talks Rape Or Around It At Least

Bill Cosby finally broke his silence on the sexual assault allegations out there about him and his answers are actually right on point with what most people were expecting. Not once does he admit to the allegation or deny them.
Tim howard hottest sexy celebrities

Top 12 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2015

We love to love them because we can’t stop wanting to know more about them. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about the sexiest stars, in particular men, we have the pleasure to lay our eyes on.
ian somerhalder shirtless ride 2015ian somerhalder shirtless ride 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: RHOA Kenya Moore’s Prince Comes Out & Nina Debrev Opens Up...

When it comes to celebrity gossip, time really does fly by, and it is already Wednesday. Cissy Houston is making it known that she still blames Bobby Brown for her daughter Whitney's death, Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore's Prince Charming comes out...or is revealed
10 most inspirational celebrities 2015 images

10 Most Inspirational Celebrities Of 2015

In life, there are people who just get it. They have achieved some great things and serve as examples of what it means to work hard. We have dreams, we have goals but what can stop us from getting to those places is determination and a IDGAF attitude.
zac efron tight underwear for bad grandpa 2015

No Butts For Zac Efron

Zac Efron isn't too shy about showing off his body, but there seems to be one part that he's reluctant to show off...unless it's covered by the thinnest of material. Yup, for some reason the sexy star just isn't comfortable letting his butt be shown on the big screen so he's got a butt double doing the dirty work for him.
diddy love contract with cassie 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Trans for Chris Brown, Amber Rose Drunk & Diddy’s Love Has...

It’s the start of the week (hope that you had a great mother’s day) and it’s time for some highlights from the weekend in celebrity happenings. Chris Brown again has found someone who can't stop loving him, Amber Rose blames booze and Diddy proves his love has to be chained.
chris brown shame instagram for amira ayeb

Did Chris Brown Go Too Far In Public Shaming Amira Ayeb?

Things just can’t seem to calm down for R&B’s current favorite guy we all love to hate aka Chris Brown. This week after returning from doing God knows what, he found a very unwanted houseguest in his Malibu home.
kylie jenner lip challenge gone wrong 2015

Chris Browns Girl Not Crazy, Kenya Moore Paid & Kylie Jenner’s Pump & Dump:...

As we round out yet another week in celeb news, we are talking about Chris Brown shaming naked fans, feuding actresses and those Kylie Jenner lips we all knew were fake, fake, fake!

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