ryan gosling talks first man and getting neil armstrong right images 2018

Ryan Gosling talks ‘First Man’ and getting Neil Armstrong right

Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in First Man and talks to us about getting everything about the American hero correct and not just another space cowboy film.
jj abrams brings back axanar for fans 2016 images

J.J. Abrams brings back ‘Axanar’

We geeks have JJ Abrams to thank for a lot of things. Many people found TV again through his co-creation Lost. He also gave people Alias, Felicity and America’s own badass giant monster in Cloverfield.
mel gibson back from hollywood siberia 2017 images

Mel Gibson back from Hollywood Siberia with Oscar nom

Hollywood is known to be very forgiving when it's stars make mistakes, but Mel Gibson had to work extremely hard to get back into their good graces. Funny enough, it wasn't when he made anti-gay slurs back in late 80's
female animators bringing fresh new ideas to film 2017

Female animators bringing fresh new ideas to film

As with any industry that's dominated by one sector, bringing in some diversity can shake things up, and the animation world has seen that recently as more women have entered and made their mark.
gritty beach rats spirited pattie cake$ mark sundance film festival day 4 2017 images

Gritty ‘Beach Rats,’ spirited ‘Patti Cake$’ mark Sundance Film Festival Day 5

Day 4 of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival brought some grittiness with Eliza Hittman's "Beach Rats," which really hit the mark of restless urban youth dealing with both their sexuality and a society that isn't so open to it.
kylie jenner calling out black culture for record 2015 images

Calling Out Black Culture Appropriation: For the Record

Last weekend, Hunger Games Star Amandla Stenberg “checked” Kylie Jenner for posting a picture of herself wearing corn rolls making the conversation about black appropriation more mainstream than usual.
tom hiddleston gets outacted by a gorilla in kong 2017 images

Tom Hiddleston gets outacted by a gorilla in ‘Kong’ review

Let’s face it. I’m not a fan of King Kong but I do like a good monster movie. I’ve seen the 70’s version which was good, and later King Kong Lives, which was bad and the Peter Jackson remake which was great.
Logan Disappointments Made Well 2017 images

‘Logan:’ Disappointments Made Well

In all honesty, I didn’t have my hopes up for Logan. Though I had some positive things to say about X-Men Apocalypse, with the X-Men franchise’s messed up timeline
lamar odom party pal girl madison 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom’s Party Pal: Transsexual Porn Star Madison Montag Untucked

As with most stories like Lamar Odom’s comatose state, which is very sad and unfortunate, other surprise twists come out, such as who he was partying with.
TED 2 Spot Celebrates Tom Bradys Manhood

TED 2 Spot Celebrates Tom Bradys Manhood

Tom Brady is having a great year. He's won his fourth Super Bowl, earned his third Super Bowl MVP, and now he's got Seth McFarlane advertising his manhood in "Ted 2".

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