nick gordon history continues with domestic violence

Did history repeat itself for Nick Gordon plus Amy Schumer, Bill Cosby

Nick Gordon hits again, Amy Schumer finds humor in past Ben Hanisch relationship and Bill Cosby witness stand waits.

Fans win in Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift feud plus Amanda Bynes back

Katy Perry opens up on suicide thoughts, the Taylor Swift feud escalates and Amanda Bynes gets healthy.
rip adam west original batman dies at 88 from leukemia 2017 images

RIP Adam West: Original Batman dies at 88 from leukemia

Adam West, the first actor to lift the form fitting Batman into the nation consciousness, has died at the age of 88 from leukemia. 
will tristan thompson do the trick for khloe kardashian plus katy perry feud 2017 images

Will Tristan Thompson do the trick for Khloe Kardashian plus Katy Perry feud

Celebrity Gossip: Katy Perry & Taylor Swift feud, James Franco brings out Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian baby time.

Kanye West big league expansion and Tyler Posey on depression

Celebrity Gossip: Kanye West, Rihanna, Josh Duggar, Tyler Posey and Kathy Griffin support.
taylor swift adds joe alwyn to july 4th party list 2017 images

Taylor Swift adds Joe Alwyn to July 4th party list

Taylor Swift brings Joe Alwyn to Nashville public, Kendall Jenner angry and Donald Trump boon.
hbo not happy with bill maher nigga

Kathy Griffin loses Anderson Cooper love plus Ariana Grande benefit

Ariana Grande benefit, Bill Maher apologizes, Gregg Allman at peace, Kevin Hart and drugs plus Kathy Griffin relents.

Selena Gomez enjoying her long Weeknd plus Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Leftovers’

Justin Bieber has lost Selena Gomez to Weeknd, Megyn Kelly doing Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones and Leftovers for Jennifer Aniston.
will meghan james land a rob kardashian baby too 2017 images

Will Mehgan James land a Kardashian baby plus Venus Williams baby slip

Celebrity Gossip: Rob Kardashian, Al Franken prank, Tori Spelling money problems and Kendall goes Adidas.
trevor noah talks moms death and kendall jenner still in hiding after pepsi 2017 images

Trevor Noah on his mom’s shooting, Kendall Jenner still in hiding after Pepsi

Amber Rose, Blac Chyna don't forget their past, Kendall Jenner can't get over that Pepsi and Trevor Noah opens up.

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