arsenal beats off crystal palace bare soccer back premier league 2015

Premier League Soccer Game Week 26 Review: Everton Draws Again

Only a 4 point difference between the third and seventh placed teams in the Premier League. This tells us how tight the race for the Champions League spot is this season.
nfl 2015 logo image

NFL Week 5 Recap 2015

We’re now five weeks through the 2014 NFL season, and it has become apparent that no lead is ever safe.
oscars changing but still lagging for women 2017 images

Oscars changing but still lagging for women

Hollywood does love to give itself plenty of love and pride itself for being forward thinking, but when it comes time to hand out nominations for the Academy Awards, it doesn't seem so ahead of the curve.
kansas city royals one away from winning world series 2015 mlb images

Kansas City Royals One Away From Winning World Series 2015

The Kansas City Royals are one game away from winning the 2015 World Series following Saturday night's game four from New York. The Mets, who lead game four for almost the entire game
paul george costs lakers a record fine 2017 images

Paul George costs Lakers a record fine

Lakers Hit with Record $500,000 Fine for Tampering with Paul George, Citing Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka
mike knocks out sobchak in better call saul 109

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 109 Recap: Chuck & Jimmy’s Betrayal

This week on Better Call Saul, some people showed their true colors, and it was a disappointing but interesting twisty surprise. Would the real Chuck please stand up! I’m sorry that the real big bro did show his true self. Besides Jimmy being back stabbed this week, there were some highlights.
electoral college back under miscroscope after donald trump win 2016 images

Electoral College back under microscope after Donald Trump win

When Barack Obama won the Presidential election in 2012, Republicans began pointing to the electoral college needing to either be done away with or updated. Now that Donald Trump won the electoral vote
alex burrows not suspended from stanley cup playoffs nhl 2015

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Flames Continue Win & Game 4 Preview

The Calgary Flames, playing in their first post-season since 2009, took another step toward advancing to the second round of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs on Sunday night.
sense8 will seeing others in mirror 2015

SENSE8 Ep 2 Recap: I Am Also A We

After watching the first and second episodes of Sense8, there seems to be a common thread in the show's set-up. The viewer has to get through the slower beginning parts, which take up three-quarters of the episode
donald trump activating new generation of protestors 2016 images

Donald Trump activating new generation of protestors

Each generation usually has something that ignites them into action, and with Donald Trump winning the election, a whole new young breed of activists has risen.

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