hawaii pushed supreme court on trumps travel ban 2017 images

Supreme Court hears from Hawaii on Donald Trump’s travel ban

The spotlight is once again on Donald Trump's controversial travel ban that has had trouble getting through the courts, and the state of Hawaii is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to not grant the administration's emergency request
things to do while waiting for comcast 2015 tech

7 Things to do While Waiting on Comcast Xfinity Repair aka 7 Circles of...

I’ve faced a big struggle the past week or so. One of the biggest challenges of my life. It wasn’t easy, but I made it through. To be fair I was not alone in this struggle. My family faced it with me so it was a bit of a team building process.
novak djokovic knocks andy murray out of paris masters 2015 images

Novak Djokovic Knocks Andy Murray Out Of 2015 Paris Masters

Novak Djokovic remained red hot on Sunday as the World No. 1 claimed the tenth title of his 2015 season. Djokovic defeated Andy Murray of Scotland in the final of the 2015 Paris Masters.

Why we actually have ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 5

If ABC had it's way, "Agents of SHIELD" would have been gone after Season 4 but Disney pushed hard for Season 5. Here's all the reason why.
bradley cooper passes on beyonces star 2016 gossip

Bradley Cooper passes on Beyonce’s Star & Keysia Cole loses eggs over Bow Wow

With all that’s going on in the world, sometimes you just need to forget it about the bull crap and veg out for a sec. So why not do it by reading about the purely entertaining albeit sometimes crazy antics of the rich and famous
Pellegrini Manchester City striving to bring best players 2015 soccer images

Pellegrini: Manchester City striving to bring best players in the world

After 14 game weeks, Manchester City are leading the Premier League table and with Chelsea seemingly out of contention, Pellegrini’s men are being labeled as the favourites to clinch the league in May.
csi cyber 205 hack er 2015 recap images

‘CSI Cyber’ 205 Hacked ER

On this week's episode of CSI:Cyber, a Dallas hospital's computer system was hacked into. A patient died because they couldn't provide her with proper care as a result.
agents of shields explosive episode goes boom 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD’s’ explosive episode goes Boom

A lot is happening in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD lately as I keep saying in these recaps, making it seem that they’re not dragging the whole season up by keeping things interesting.
The 2016 Presidential Campaign For An Average Millennial images

The 2016 Presidential Campaign For An Average Millennial

What’s sad about the current state of Millennial voting is that media and even some political leaders have tried to make us believe that our opinion doesn’t matter. When I was in college in North Carolina I routinely overheard students saying how they were convinced
simpsons working google glass 2015

Google Glass Not Dead Says Google

Last January, Google announced its termination of the Google Glass Explorer program and pulled the headset off the market. That seemed to be the end of the controversial product that literally gave its users a bad name.

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