ivanka trump gets a night out with justin trudeau 2017 images

Ivanka Trump gets a night out with Justin Trudeau

Ivanka Trump certainly got a wonderful treat as being the special guest for Canadien Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to "Come From Away," a new musical that celebrates Canadian compassion
bring it 305 rittanys revolt 2016 images

‘Bring It!’ 305 Rittany’s Revolt on Diana

The parents of DDP stand up to Dianna this week on Bring It! Well, kind of.
new logan images is quite the hand job for wolverine 2016 images

New ‘Logan’ image gives quite the hand job for Wolverine

It was recently revealed that the third Wolverine film would be simply titled Logan. This, of course, refers to the first name of the all-star mutant. Leading man Hugh Jackman has been the only actor to play the character
2014 best reality shows

Best Reality Shows Of 2014

As scripted network shows continually come and go some of best shows on TV today are select reality shows. This doesn’t mean all of them are worthy of watching but there are a handful that are more entertaining
black women need to harness their power and stop being hypocritical 2017 images

Black women need to harness their power and start soul searching

The black community has a lot of soul searching to about putting up from black men what they wouldn't from white men and black women can raise themselves up rather than being a victim like Chrisette Michele.
Celebrity Gossip Week Bending for Beckham Miley Bound Up Bieber Has Hart

Celebrity Gossip Week: Bending for Beckham, Miley Bound Up & Bieber Has Hart

This week’s celebrity gossip includes more breaking news regarding the Bobbi Kristina Brown amid criticism of her family for allegedly announcing that they will take Bobbi Kristina off of life support yesterday because it is the anniversary of mom Whitney Houston’s
third partys over for print ink or is it 2016 images

Third Party’s Over for Print Ink or Is It?

We view inkjet printers with a mixture of love and resentment, like a guy who works in the mail room who has a jet-setting best friend currently travelling in Europe.
miley cyrus body talk dysmorphia from hannah montana 2015 gossip

Miley Cyrus Body Talk & Yolanda Foster Toxic Free After Implant Leak

Miley Cyrus is the newest cover girl for Marie Claire, where she opens up about numerous things going on in her life.
nfl pushing hard for a london franchise 2016 images

NFL pushing hard for a London Franchise

NFL May Send a Team to London Multiple Times a Year, Pushing Hard to Relocate a Franchise to U.K.
manchester united first two soccer matches 2015 images

5 Things we learned from Manchester United’s first two matches

It certainly is too early to draw conjectures about any team’s future like Manchester United, but based on United’s performance in the pre-season and the starting games of the Premier League campaign, we can make out a few bold claims

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