roger ailes death doesn't slow fox news lawsuits 2017 images

Roger Ailes death won’t slow FOX News lawsuits

After the holiday weekend, FoX News is facing a very critical week for its future as it's been knocked out of the top spot as the number one cable television news outlet.
real housewives of beverly hills lisa rinna slammed by lymes in the sand 2016 images

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna slammed by Lymes in the Sand

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Lyme’s in the Sand,” Yolanda receives an award for the awareness she has brought to Lyme’s disease. Meanwhile, the women head off to Dubai

‘Supernatural:’ When Baby runs out of gas, what will you do?

We know the day will be coming when Supernatural either gets cancelled by the CW or decides to go gently into the night, so we have a few suggestions for the Winchester brothers fans when it does.
bill clinton vs black lives matter 2016 opinion

Bill Clinton vs Black Lives Matter and does it matter?

Bill Clinton has gotten a lot of flak from people who did not like the way he answered a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester during a rally for his wife, Hillary Clinton, in Philadelphia.
giants steve weatherford ripped criticizing players 2015

Dumbest NFL News

Slow news weeks in the NFL produce some weak stories and some dumb comments can make the front page of It’s the middle of summer so there isn’t much going on in the League obviously.
how lenovo has defeated the notch 2018 images

How Lenovo defeated the Notch

Lenovo takes front and center with the bezel less screen war on their IdeaCentre AIO 520 finding a way to not replicate Apple's iPhone X 'notch'
Lessons Learned from Ryan Lochte Mess by everyone except him 2016 images

Lessons Learned from Ryan Lochte Mess by everyone except him

What’s the number one lesson we’ve learned from the U.S. Swim Team Ryan Lochte debacle? Don’t break stuff. Follow that one rule and all you athletes, amateur and pro, can pretty much do what you want.
the walking dead catch up plus whos next to die 2017 images

‘The Walking Dead’ catch up plus who’s next to die

The Walking Dead season 7B finally returns much more quietly than it began as we weren't left with a life or death cliffhanger this time around. After such a violent and brutal premiere, it ended with more hope
ucla blackface kanye west party 2015

Beyonce & Jay Z Sue, UCLA Goes Blackface & B.O.B PR Stunt Backfires

Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna and several others are suing ElevenParis, UCLA fraternity hosts a Kanye West where some people went in blackface and B.O.B. learned that bad PR can really be bad PR.
NFL's Best Quarterback & Running Back Duos of Season 2015 2016 images

NFL’s Best Quarterback & Running Back Duos of Season 2015

As anyone knows, the best NFL offense needs a great balance along with being in sync with each other and having the perfect quarterback and running back duo can make or break a season.

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