review why the head thieves made our reviewer weep 2016 images

REVIEW: Why ‘The Head Thieves’ made this reviewer weep

Basically everyone is at least somewhat curious about the idea of stealing money. You may not admit it outright but the excitement of doing that is hidden inside each person somewhere. And even though that interesting idea is what The Head Thieves tries to explore
the dark tower gets waylaid again 2016 images

‘The Dark Tower’ gets waylaid again

For anyone who's followed Stephen King's The Dark Tower's journey to the big screen, you know it's been just as difficult as Roland's. The last time it looked like a sure thing, Ron Howard was behind it
kardashian family makes stupidest gossip stories of 2014

Stupidest Gossip Stories Of 2014

The first piece of gossip that has had a tremendous amount of time wasted on it is pretty much everything surrounding the Kardashians.
khloe kardashian uncut interview unedited 2015

Khloe Kardashian Uncut & Jessica Alba’s Burning Hot Company

If the original interview with Khloe Kardashian in Complex magazine wasn’t enough for you, then you are in luck, as Complex has now released an “uncut” version of the reality star’s interview.
windows 10 upgrade or else nothing 2015

Windows 10: Upgrade or Else? Plus How To Get Rid of that Nag

Windows 10 is just around the corner and Microsoft is urging everyone to upgrade. What’s great is that the upgrade will be free for most Windows 7 and Windows 8 users within the first year of Windows 10’s release.
sam bradford & kirk cousins continue grossly overpaid quarterback nfl tradition 2016 images

Sam Bradford & Kirk Cousins continue grossly overpaid quarterback NFL tradition

Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford Carry on the Tradition of Grossly Overpaid Quarterbacks
the terror of wifi sickness 2015 tech

The Terror of Wi-Fi Sickness

Are you familiar with Stephen King’s novel "Cell?" "Cell" is the master of horror’s modern take on a zombie apocalypse wherein according to the synopsis, a strange signal is transmitted to people currently talking on their cellphones.
kobe bryant third injury marks end of an era

Kobe Bryant Third Injury Marks End of an Era

Kobe Bryant went under the knife recently to repair his torn rotator cuff, his third season ending injury in three season. It started when Kobe blew out his Achilles tendon a few seasons back.
halt and catch fire cast images 2015

HALT AND CATCH FIRE DVD Xtra Sneak Peek & Images

AMC's Halt and Catch Fire was a sometimes frustrating but very interesting ride into the early days of the personal computer. Something about the show made you keep coming back for more even when the plot seemed to go awry slightly, and even the season finale felt more like a series finale wrapping up things up very well.
nfl week 8 fantasy football start cam newton 2015 images

NFL Week 8 Fantasy Football Start or Sit: Cam Newton & C.J. Anderson

Week 8 is about to kick off with the New England Patriots taking on the red-hot. So set your lineups. I tell y’all to every week. Do y’all actually listen? For the sake of our friendship, I’m just going to assume you said yes.