‘Be the Blogger’ eBay contest third winner hits

movie tv tech geeks be the blogger 1K contest

'Be the Blogger' eBay contest third winner hits 2016 images

People have gotten more used to the “Be the Blogger” contest we’ve teamed up with eBay for as submissions from the third round really picked up, and we found one winner who truly earned the $1K prize.

This round was all about being inspired by the guides that we had already written, and for the writer to come up with their own unique spin.

The winner was Sean, and her answer to the theme was “Rise Above Virtual Reality to Find Real Passion.” It was a great look at enjoying your outdoor surroundings rather than being a slave to all our tech gadgets. We hear people say this all the time, but his guide had some truly inspired ideas to break that Wi-fi cord.

His opening words on this subject were:

Who doesn’t love to play the latest Xbox One game or plant their face in a five-inch iPhone screen  with a few hours of Snapchat surfing?  And now we can even strap on a Virtual Reality Headset on to really dive into the digital world of games, videos, and social media. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the technology that now makes the world go round.  But we can’t forget that there’s a real, physical world right at our finger tips.

movie tv tech geeks be the blogger 1K contest

There are only three days left for the fourth and final round of the “Be the Blogger” contest so time is truly running out. You can get all the information on the latest round here. This one is the final $1K prize so until our “The Walking Dead” giveaway hits in October, this is biggest prize pack of the year.

This final theme is the easiest one yet, and it’s just all about coming up with your ultimate gift guide. It might sound a little difficult to some, but it’s extremely easy. Gift guides can range from what to get for that Star Wars fan, Lego fan or just what the average coffee addict would love to have. See, that’s three just off the top of our heads, plus you can check out all of our guides here for more inspiration.

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