‘Be the Blogger’ eBay contest fourth and final winner announced

'Be the Blogger' eBay contest third winner hits 2016 images

‘Be the Blogger’ eBay contest fourth and final winner announced 2016 images

Our teaming up with eBay for the “Be the Blogger” contest went really fast, and we’ve now got our fourth and final winner. Each of the winners have submitted something to be proud of and earned the $1K prize.

The final round was all about creating the Ultimate Gift Guide which was definitely the easiest of all the four rounds.

The winner was Rashid who created a really fun Millenials Holiday Gift Guide. The writer was pretty frank and on the money about how Millenials can sometimes be a bit of a pain to buy a gift for, and he really breaks it down on how to make them happy.

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His opening paragraph put it in great context with:

“Here is the truth- millennials can be a pain in the butt. I am allowed to say that because I’m a part of this great generation. I mean we came up with “Instagram famous.” How bad can we really be? Millennials want things a certain way and don’t you dare tell us we have to work a 9-5 to get them. Yes, it is true. We believe that our right in life is to make a great living through pursuing our passions, all while residing in one of the many hip cities in the country.

We are a lot of things, us millennials, but when it comes to finding a gift for us during the holiday season (yeah, that’s coming up soon), it’s pretty simple. Get stuff that we can use to further whatever current venture we are endeavoring to accomplish.

With that, if you want to win this gift-giving season and make the millennial in your life SnapChat for joy, here is an easy holiday gift guide to jump start your shopping. Get ready; you’re about to score all kinds of major cool points.”

You can read the full gift guide here.

We don’t know if eBay will be doing this again next year, but hopefully, it’s something they’ll consider as it definitely brought out the creativity in a some very promising writers. The first year of any contest has it’s growing pains, and we’ll let you all know if they want to join us again for this exciting contest.

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