black friday weekend has arrived 2015 imagesAlthough Black Friday is officially classified as the Friday following the United States observance of Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday in November), it’s actually an occurrence that begins long before that day and lasts until Christmas day.  Check here for all the updated store hours of all major retailers.

Keeping checking our Black Friday section as we’ll continually update it along with Cyber Monday for your shopping convenience. You can also check out Amazon’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals here as they’ll keep changing as fast as a Kardashian’s Instagram page.

Retailers use the anticipation of Black Friday sales promotions to strengthen their profits during the holiday shopping season and to lure shoppers to their establishments. Black Friday initially began early in the morning of the Friday after Thanksgiving, but now sales are strategically placed during the month and after to take advantage of shoppers looking for tremendous bargains.

Schools and non-retail establishments give students and employees both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday off, so the potential of attracting shoppers is increased. All of this makes Black Friday the busiest shopping day of the year and retailers depend on the shopping frenzies to boost their yearly sales.

To increase the frenzy and anticipation even more, retailers (and now online sites) are beginning their sales days and even months before the big day. It was traditional in the past for stores to open at around 6 AM on Black Friday, but at the beginning of the 2000s, some mega-retailers announced store openings on Thanksgiving evening.

Since Black Friday marks a time for retailers that can bring them from being in the red financially, to moving into the positive, black they want to give the shopping period as much time as they can to make the most profit.

Black Friday weekend can be classified as the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, but most retailers depend on the days and weeks before the weekend to really begin showing a profit.

Because the anticipation of blockbuster deals is so attractive to shoppers, many camp out at their favorite stores on Thanksgiving evening so they will be among the first to walk in the doors and secure the best bargains.

This practice has been banned in many states because of hazards such as the campers blocking fire lanes and emergency access. The weekend of Black Friday may be highly anticipated and looked forward to by some shoppers and reviled by others.

Now that the Internet can bring you the same bargains you can find by beating crowds in the stores, you can choose which method you want to do your shopping – online or in person.

Keep a sharp eye out for the best bargains in online ads, banners on your favorite websites and by visiting your favorite stores’ websites to keep up to date on Black Friday deals.

black friday deals amazon 2015 imagesA record-setting 91 million Americans expect to purchase a tech gadget or tech accessories during this year’s Black Friday Week — the Monday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday — according to figures from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Among the top items drawing the attention of consumers are video game consoles (the most desired item), televisions, tablets, notebooks, smartphones, headphones, and digital cameras.

“Even a few years out from the next generation of video game consoles, these devices jumped to the top of the Black Friday list in advance of the important shopping period,” Shawn DuBravac, chief economist and senior director of research with the CTA, wrote in a November 18 report.

“Many families are still upgrading to the latest generation consoles and it appears they will be using Black Friday and the surrounding shopping period to do so. We are also expecting strong interest in digital toys and smart watches as they rise in popularity and become hot items during the shopping week,” DuBravac added.

In total, a record 155 million US consumers plan to shop during Black Friday and the surrounding week. However, Black Friday is expected to remain the most popular day for in-store shopping, with 25% of those surveyed planning to shop the day after Thanksgiving.

With such an insane flood of products, more shopping options (53% of consumers surveyed said they expect to use a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet while shopping), and of course the crush and frenzy of the crowds, InformationWeek has put together a list of some of the hottest tech products this holiday season.

At least this way, if you don’t manage to get your hands on one of these items, you’ll know exactly which trendy new gadgets you missed out on. Is that the holiday spirit or what?


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