Black Friday Cyber Monday Hottest  TV Deals 2015 tech imagesTis the season to hunt for deals on televisions as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here. Specials are available from before Black Friday, during and after (including Cyber Monday). Most of the major retail giants are already offering incredible bargains for just about every brand and size of televisions available. Check here for all the updated store hours of all major retailers.

Keeping checking our Black Friday section as we’ll continually update it along with Cyber Monday for your shopping convenience. You can also check out Amazon’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals here as they’ll keep changing as fast as a Kardashian’s Instagram page.

Recent advertisements for television deals have included the 60-inch Visio 4K Smart Ultra HDTV for $799.99 that will be included in Amazon and Walmart’s Dell Home Black Friday Sale for 2015.

This will only be offered on Black Friday as will the lower priced, Element, 55-inch HDTV for $249.99. Also only for sale on Black Friday is the Westinghouse, 43-inch LED TV for $169.99 (original price was $697.99).

Another incredible bargain through Amazon and Walmart on Black Friday is the popular Samsung brand, 60-inch, LED HDTV ($697.99). Black Friday television deals for 2015 are abundant – and Walmart is one of the most popular places to find the least expensive prices for the most popular brands.

Brands like Westinghouse, Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic are already releasing ads that will lead you to the best deal on the item you want most. This year, HDTV bargains seem to be most popular, but the curved HDTV and the 4K Ultra HDTV seem to be heading the list as the most desirable of them all.

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If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, keep in mind that the 60-inch television sets are going to drop to extremely affordable prices. Smaller televisions, such as the 32-inch in various brands, will also hit bargain levels during Black Friday, 2015.

You should also be able to find deals before and after Black Friday if you just can’t make yourself go out to fight the crowds on the actual day. Some killer holiday deals from Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart for HDTVs – the televisions that seem to be at the top of everyone’s holiday list this year – will be out.

Shop for televisions according to the many factors in the deal such as percentage discounts, coupons and door buster sales. You won’t feel left out if you’re shopping for a large television to put in your home theater.

The Samsung, 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart 3D TV is being offered from Best Buy for just under $2,000 and the VIZIO, 65-inch 4K Ultra Smart TV for just under $1,000. Black Friday TV sales in 2015 won’t leave you disappointed, and you’ll be happy you took advantage of the rock bottom Black Friday prices during a time when the inventory is high and prices are low.

black friday deals amazon 2015 images

55-inch 1080p Westinghouse LED TV

Sale Price: $250
Original Price: $350
Store: Target

Westinghouse usually has a pretty popular deal on the day after Thanksgiving, and this year is no exception. Get in line early if you want to snag one of these bad boys.

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60-inch 1080p Samsung LED Smart TV

Sale Price: $698
Original Price: $1,000
Store: Target

It goes without saying that a 60-inch TV is damn big—and this one has nearly $300 hacked off the regular price.

Samsung 40-inch 1080p TV + Xbox One 500GB Lego Movie Game bundle

Sale Price: $499.98
Original Price: $729.98
Store: Best Buy (In-store only)

If you’re looking to upgrade your TV and gaming setup in one fell swoop, this bundle’s not a bad pick. The Lego Movie Game bundle is $299 on its own this Black Friday, so you’ll be snagging a 40-inch Samsung TV for another $200 on the bottom line, and you’ll have everything you need to spend Christmas Day in a food coma, controller in hand.

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