donald trump tariff man fact check 2018 images

‘Tariff Man’ Donald Trump doesn’t understand his superpowers

Donald Trump fails to understand the superpowers of Tariff Man or even what tariffs really are. Here are the real facts on Tariff Man.
surviving holiday season with a crazy family images 2018

Top 3 Ways To Survive the Holiday Season with a Crazy Family

The holiday season can be stressful enough, but certain family members can make it unbearable. Here are the top 3 survival tips on keeping the holiday season enjoyable without having to resort to cocktails.
about those amazon delivery drones from jeff bezos images 2018

About those Amazon delivery drones Jeff Bezos promised

Amazon customers got excited five years ago when Jeff Bezos promised Amazon delivery drones, but that dream may have to wait some time to come true, if ever.
will olympics change surfing and equal pay for women stephanie gilmore 2018 images

Will Olympics change surfing and equal pay for women? Stephanie Gilmore hopes so

Australian surfer Stephanie GIlmore isn't so much focuses on landing Gold at the next Olympics, her bigger goal is landing equality for women's pay in the male dominated sport.
donald trump with arms crossed at russia michael cohen and china 2018

Donald Trump gets facts wrong on Russia, Michael Cohen and China

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in on the president, Donald Trump is spinning out plenty of inaccurate Tweets and facts about Russia, Michael Cohen and his recent deal with China. We'll set the record straight with facts.
Coping With Seasonal Affective Disorder sun peeking over horizon image

Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Winter time can be a fun time with the holiday season but it can also be a time for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder SAD. We've compiled a full guide on how to spot the symptoms of SAD, and what you can do to help alleviate it.

Fake News: Obama’s banned Nativity scene and injured Border Patrol picture

Fake News Roundup: Melania Trump uses Nativity scene banned by the Obamas, Border Patrol agent injured by rock fake photo and migrant woman fleeing teargas with two children a real photograph.
minneapolis racist christmas tree leads to 2 officers on leave

Two Minneapolis police officers on paid leave after racist Christmas tree display

Two Minneapolis police officers involved with the racist Christmas tree at the Fourth Precinct which caused much outrage are on leave, but they are still getting paid as investigations continue into the matter.
michelle obama becoming book fast selling nonfiction 2018

Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ a hit and Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks out

Michelle Obama's Becoming is a big hit, and Neil deGrasse Tyson has spoken out on the sexual misconduct allegations brought against him. After a long battle, Casey Kasem's death is being put to rest.
ralph breaks the internet box office winner december 2018

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ holds box office top while ‘The Favourite’ shines

Ralph Breaks the Internet topped the box office charts again while Emma Stone's The Favourite is picking up speed for award season.

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